How to Choose High Quality Vitamin Supplements

The most common question, I get asked about vitamins is what makes them different than the ones at the local grocery story or the other companies who carry them. If you want to get on a hot topic of conversation find someone who uses the opposite company than you do and watch  tensions flare up. I have never seen anything like it with any other type product.

Like any product out there, there are good, better and best products, but for my family and I, there is one brand I believe in. Why, I did my research, and I will show you the scientific research behind the supplements I trust.

With my 20+ years of nursing experience, I have seen how vitamins assist in helping people with certain disease. I am not here to diagnose, treat or cure any disease, but just to help you go through this maze. In my opinion, I have seen people buy from people they trust, regardless of the quality of the product. I know people who will buy from me before I give them the scientific research just because they know me.

There will always be different opinions but I am not going to get into that now. What I am going to do is give tips to choose the right brand.

  1. Ask the company you are researching for their quality standards
  2. Ask a friend or family that you know and trust that are using the vitamins what their opinions are.
  3. Contact the company and ask about their certifications and what does that mean. It can be determined in several ways.
  4. Does the FDA approve of their products
  5. Test some the products yourself and see which ones you like. Trust your own personal guide.

There has been a lot of reports in the media over fake vitamins, mostly from department sores and drug stores, so buyer beware. Look at this article below:

There are several good brands out there. Do your research, keeping in mind the above factors. Not every company will have all the vitamins you need, and you may need to buy from another company. We all have our opinion about what is good quality. I personally use this company.

If you are searching for high quality vitamin supplements with high bioavailability, let’s connect, so I can help you.