Inourhands Health Coaching is a resource for all things healthy living.

My name is Matsepo Manyokole, a registered nurse and health coach with 20 years of international experience.

My aim is to get the resources that will help you live a healthy lifestyle.

I worked as a registered nurse for 25+ years. I’m a mother of two boys and a girl who love sports and arts. My husband is an amazing man who has supported me all through my professional  journey.

Social media is a business tool I use to run my business on the go that supports my blog. My smartphone makes my work life so much easier!

Me, I am a nurse at heart, I care. I am blessed to be able to help people while I am able to attend every netball and rugby matches as well as the athletics meetings my children are involved in.

I had signs of burnout, I was angry because I was going to miss yet another big game. I couldn’t just quit because I had to help provide for my family. My young one had learning difficulties and I was able to help. Those 12 hour shifts did not help either, I felt desperate.

Something had to give. I gave notice, without a plan, even though it was tough I never looked back. I had to sort out my priorities; with my spouse working out of town, it was even more difficult. I am sure most parents of young children out there who have to work can relate.

I enjoy cooking for my family with my daughter and we try out recipes in our small kitchen. It is our mission to try to cook our own food in a healthy way as possible. The boys and daddy always help out especially with the braai. It is a family thing!